Kratom Strains

Which strain is right for you?

  • Bali Kratom- This type of kratom is Great for relaxation and pain relief. It is recognized as the most calm type of kratom.
  • Maeng Da – This type of kratom is much more uplifting an euphoric it gives you energy while also providing the relaxed sedative property.
  • UEI(Ultra Enhanced Indo)- This kratom is very potent and less is needed for the usual sedation and euphoric effects to occur. Many people are astounded at its strength the first time they use it.
  • Kratom Extracts- Kratom extracts are basically the specific ingredients of kratom that cause its powerful effect. These extracts are very potent and you do not need to use a lot. Their effects are usually present at doses of 1g.

Borneo – There are 3 types of Borneo kratom being sold today ;

  • Red Vein- This type is very similar to bali with its sedation an relaxing effect. This type has great pain relief properties.
  • White Vein- This type of kratom if great for working and labor and it is also more stimulating and more euphoric.
  • Green Vein- This type of kratom is mostly stimulating providing an uplifting mood. Some describe green vein borneo to be very similar to white vein borneo except a bit more stimulating.